Monday, March 24, 2008

How do I love thee?...Let me count the ways!


Is it wrong that I lust after lobster? That as I took an array of pictures I was grinning? That as I was about to cook -- yes, murder for my pleasure -- one of God's creatures, I felt deep joy? Well, it's all true!
As I took the 6th or 7th picture I suddenly became aware of the smile on my face and the sick joy I was feeling as the water boiled on the stove. Something MUST be wrong with me. I understand enjoying food, but taking pictures and feeling joy? SICK!!! Maybe the pleasure stems from finding such a deal, only $5.99 a lb, and this lobster was almost 10 pounds. Three of us ate it, and we had left overs too. *AND FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!!*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Locks of Love


Abby had a huge knot in the back of her long beautiful hair over the weekend from wearing a winter coat.  It was just a horrible matted knot that we struggled to get out.  We decided that we needed to schedule an appointment to get it cut a bit so it wouldn't be so hard to keep untangled, but on Monday morning we thought we just might stop by Snipits after school and get it done right away.  When we walked in Abby decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love, and this is the beautiful cut she ended up with.  A very surprising decision, but I am proud of her!



Well That's Just Ducky


Ben sleeps with SO MANY stuffed animals its a wonder he can fit in the bed with them.  They each have a name, and they each get turns in the bed with him.  Sometimes I'm told they want to sleep with me.  And their feeling are hurt if they are not positioned in MY bed just so.  His most recent acquisition is the Webkinz duck. 

Tucking him in can take a while with the prayers, positioning them all and covering them with the proper blankets.  Sometimes he and Abby will spend an entire afternoon positioning them and shooting still pics and videos of them too.  Amazing.