Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Her Legacy Lives On

My Grandmother has been gone now almost 2 years and we still have so many wonderful memories. She loved to crochet, and made so many beautiful things. This hat was not one of them.

Yet, she wore it often and proudly, perched on her head like one of those little covers that you'd put on a roll of toilet paper on the back of the tank to hide the spare roll, to cover it's indecency as it waited for it's turn on the spindle.

Every so often someone would mention to me that they ran into my grandmother, they really weren't sure it was her way over there across the mall until they noticed that toilet paper roll holder on her head, then they were sure it was Alice. Then they could confidently approach knowing they had the right person.

It's one of the 2 things I wanted when she passed. This and the funny looking ceramic roosters she kept on top of the refrigerator all my growing up years. I was at an estate sale 2 weeks ago and purchased a smaller matching pair that I will display in my kitchen when I re-do it later this spring. I will build a special shelf for all of them and give them their rightful place again.

Gram, we love you still, and miss you.