Saturday, June 23, 2007

Twist and Shout

Abby's dance recital performance: Cheerdance, June 23, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dancing Queens

Abby and her cousins had their dress rehearsal today for their recital. It was long, but I always love to see the it, sometimes even more than the recital itself. It's relaxed and a good time to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while. My littlest niece was a hoot, completely ignoring the routine and making up her own on the stage. Hers was better than the choreographed one! Way to go girls!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swim Fishy!

Abby is practicing some of her pool moves., goggle...

School got out for the kids last week. I introduced them to Alice Cooper's "School's Out" which they LOVED! I think it was the "no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks". They're only 5 and 7 years old and already are amazed each time Sonny or I know a song that has been re-made by some young artist. You know how it only begins when the young are born, nothing existed before their awareness. Abby is so much like me in thought, word and deed it's scary. I can almost read her mind. I tell her what she's going to do next (I used to think and behave so many of the same ways she does when I was her age it's scary...and surprising and sometimes frustrating for her...she can't get away with anything). I hope it works this way when she's a teen, it ought to make my life easier, a little less difficult trying to figure this teenager out.

Plane Spotting

My husband Jerry (aka Sonny to close family and friends) and Ben were watching the sky for planes. We live under an active flight path and we can count 15 to 2o planes an hour in the afternoon to evening sky. Ben and Abby like to imagine which ones might be traveling to Vietnam.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Abby Girl

This is Abby's self portrait.

Abby and Ben got Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital cameras for Christmas. If anyone is looking for a good kid friendly camera that can take a dropping, this is it. It is very easy to use for about 4 years old and up. My kids even plug it into the USB port on my computer, download the pics (minor help from me in the beginning) and modify them by themselves. They love it.

Trinkets from Vietnam

Here's another picture Abby took with her camera. I have an endless stream of photos from both kids....gigs of stuffed animals posed in so many ways.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainy days

How else should a 5 year old dress for a rainy day? In a fireman raincoat and head gear of course!

Time out

I was searching through my photo archives and found these. When Ben was around 2 years old he was getting frequent time outs for not listening. He would put his hands on the wall and stand perfectly still but his eyes would dart left and right looking for me. I'd wait for a minute or two then call him to me. He'd turn around with the biggest smile on his face. I'd ask him if he knew why he was having a time out, he'd say yes and tell me exactly why. He's a very smart kid. They we'd hug and move on, with an admonishment not to do it again.


My heart overflows with joy.

Important Lessons

Here is a VERY IMPORTANT LESSON: When cutting your child's hair, avoid the ears!

I was cutting Ben's hair and he objected to the electric clippers. I offered to use the scissors, but we were pressed for time so I was cutting too quickly. Bad idea. He moved, I snipped, he yelled "YOU CUT MY EAR!" and I ran for the bandages. And the ibuprofen. And the cash to buy him off. Yup, I'm that kind of mom.

Anyway, here's the sorry picture, my shame exposed. Go ahead, laugh at me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mommy's Girl

Abby wanted a Tshirt with "Mommy's girl on it.
We took this picture for the front and had it printed up.
One of the few where I'm not behind the camera.